Advanced Technology

Ajay Kadam Associates is using the most advanced technology for designing all types of structures. Availability of microcomputers has made it possible to make millions of calculations within few minutes. Ajay Kadam Associates design the most economical and at the same time most stable structures using the computer aided advanced finite element method.

Structural Analysis

In the structural design process the most time consuming and tedious job is determining of the actual forces that are going to be in every member of the structure. The behaviour of a structure such as reinforced concrete building is in reality so complex that the conventional methods of hand calculations that are being used by most of the structural designers lead to a crude solution. And therefore members such as beams, columns are not loaded at their designed capacity. Which makes design uneconomical. Ajay Kadam Associates analyse every structure as a three dimensional frame using the advanced computer aided finite element method which determines exact force that is going to be in each member of that structure during it’s lifetime. Since exact forces are known the optimum design is possible by controlling the safety factor prescribed by the I.S. code for each and every member of the structure. This guarantees the most economical design without sacrificing the safety.

Structural Design

Every member is designed for the determined forces using the Indian Standard Code Specifications. Members are checked if they are safe against various other design requirements such as bond between steel and concrete, short term and long term deflections during the life of structure (which causes cracks in the structures). Columns are designed for biaxial bending. Conventional method would require a period of month for such calculations even for a small bungalow. Which is why most of these design requirements are ignored by many designers. The analysis and design software performs all these checks within minutes. Traditional method of steel layout and concreting is assumed so that centring contractor does not have to learn something new. Normal material quality and workmanship is expected on site.

Earthquake & Wind loads

Tall structures are analysed and designed for lateral loads due to wind and earthquake. Additional Structural Members such as shear walls are provided in such a case. Tall structures are also analysed and designed for sliding, overturning and twisting of the whole structures due to unequal mass distribution.